zondag 19 januari 2014

watch band

Made myself a watch band today!
I started with the idea to keep it simple and easy to make, but after a little brainstorming it got more complicated and way more work than I planned.
Anyway it's finished and I like it.

woensdag 15 januari 2014

another handbag

This handbag is the most recent leatherwork that I did.
Again in buffalo-hide and old begian postbag clasps to close.
Strong?? for sure, this leather is one of the strongest I have ever worked with.

I like the roughness of it, not an average bag at all!! 

flea market score!

The treasure from last sunday!!fleamarket score for less than 1 euro!!
The sailingship peg is cast iron, I wil remove the color and lay it outside and nature wil do his work...
The praying hands need a little pinstripe art on the wooden panel.