woensdag 27 augustus 2014


Hi all,
Due to the succes from the app "instagram", it's been to long that I posted updates from my leatherwork on this blog.
Here's a pictureset from work I did recently, so you will have a little update.
Thank you all for your patience and I promise, I will try to keep this blog alive and kicking!!

vrijdag 18 april 2014

for those I love I will sacrifice

A New belt with an old buckle!!
When I saw this old belt and buckle I was realy impressed.
This must be an old one, the belt was so dry it was half gone.
I made a new belt with the text the customer gave me...
The lettering is so detailed I think that more stamping would be "just to much"


zondag 23 maart 2014

black & white II

I promissed I'll keep you all updated.
This is the new version of the black and white!!
This thing is very near to perfect.
I quit the lacing because it would be to thick.
5 card pockets and a coin purse with a metal zipper from YKK and still two pockets for papers and money.
Handstitched and stamped with a basket weave pattern= 16 hours of labor!!
Thanks G.

donderdag 6 maart 2014

officer's belt

This belt is based on a officer's belt from the English army.
The customer wanted it real sober, no tooling or stamping...
I can't blame him, sometimes less is more!! 

zondag 23 februari 2014


I made this handbag for my brother's daughter.
This handsome little lady needed a Bag that is strong enough to carry all her schoolthings and that looks a bit cool to.
Needless to say that she is very happy...
Mission accomplished!!I guess I might be her favorite uncle (at least for a while)...

tool roll

Recently I bought some tools for leatherstitching.
They are not cheap and I want to keep them as long as I can!!
Good tools need to be stored away decent and I don't want them to lie in my toolbox just like that.

I dug up a patch of recovered leather from an old sofa seat and a buckle from an old handbag. 
Total cost = 2 hours of work...
I'm going to rub the whole thing with a bit of oil, this must protect the steel tools against the rust-monster!!



zaterdag 8 februari 2014

swap meet finds and garage shots

No new leatherwork but today's swapmeet founds (pic. 1 and 2)and some garage snapshots!!
More leatherwork follows later!!

zaterdag 1 februari 2014

leather and brass !!


dog collars

A customer ordered two dog collars for their husky's.
Those dogs can pull like a thugboat, so they have to be really strong.
I handstitched two layers vegetable tanned leather together with a layer of texon in between(for extra strength!).
The buckles and D- rings are stainless steel so they can handle heavy weather.
I added the telephone-number of the owners on the belt in case the dogs get lost.
Thanks Lia, for your confidence!

Some pics of the dogs and collars.
Aren't they beautifull??


zondag 19 januari 2014

watch band

Made myself a watch band today!
I started with the idea to keep it simple and easy to make, but after a little brainstorming it got more complicated and way more work than I planned.
Anyway it's finished and I like it.