maandag 30 december 2013

wallet update

This is the most recent version of my wallet...
Called: "the black and white"
It has 3 creditcard holders on the inside flap.(it seems that we all have more creditcards than money these days) 

The lacing on the outside is done with a cross pattern, so it matches the leather chain that I made for it.

I made a  personal snap button from a quarter dollar, I made it bulb in a press with a steel ball and filled it up with industrial glue, I think this is an original add, at least I never seen it before. 

Unfortunatly when I did some coloring after the lacingwork, I had some paint on my hand from opening the paintcanister.
It made some stains on the backside of the wallet...stupid but irreversible...

Not much stamping done here...that is for the next one...

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