zondag 25 augustus 2013

Flanders Choppper Bash 2013

Flanders Chopper Bash...
If you have a traditional chopper, bobber or cool vintage stocker and you missed this great weekend, you must have a real good excuse!!
A. did anything to organise an amazing event.
Those three or four drops of rain on saturday did nothing on the great atmosphere.
Anyway, if you could not make it, I made some snaps that I will share.
Lucky for me,I'm a leathersmith and not a photographer!!

We're all looking forward to next year...thanks A!!

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

fCb '13 medals

Just finished this flanders Chopper bash medals, inspired on old coins...
Come with your chop and get one!!

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

fleamarket score!!

This is why I love the fleamarket!!
Scored this jacket saturday, for less than the price of a pint guinness.
The jacket is made out of a blanket, the buttons are five cent buffalo coins.
I think this must be a south-American souvenir from uncle??

The handbag is from the C-K-l house!!
It started initial as a toolroll but after stitching the body I decide that it was to big for a toolroll.
I added a belt and a handle and created this great handbag.
The belt is clipt on the bag and can be easily removed.
Contact me if you are interested. "SOLD"

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

leather chain

I made this leather chain today.
To protect your wallet from falling out your pocket and get lost.
Handy...especially if you ride a motorbike, a bicycle or a skateboard!!

Chino belt

Every man has at least one chino pants right??
Ever tried to put a regular(western) belt in your chino??
Yep, I know, that ain't working...
So you have two choices
1: buy a confection belt for costumes and hold your sweater down!! 
2: go to your local leatherworker and have one kustom made!!
vegetable tanned leather.
brass buckle.
old style original riveted.
praying hands because we're all sinners...

donderdag 8 augustus 2013


Just finished all the axe sheat trophies for Flanders chopper bash!!
Hand stitched and tooled vegetable tanned leather. 
I think they all turned out very nice.
Imagine a pinstriped and lettered axe in El Cheapo style with one of these sheats...

Stop wasting time on your pc and go finish that bike in your shed!!
It aint to late and don't worry if your ride isn't a trophy winner...
If you are into traditional styled choppers and bobbers, you will feel yourself complete silly if you miss this event!!