vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Leather and a mexican blanket!!

A belt made of two layers vegetable tanned leather with a mexican blanket in between.

Andy's I-phone case.
Blanket with chrome tanned leather on the outside.
Pig skin split on the inside(soft leather)to protect the screen.
Light and easy!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Goede zet Man, ik mail je ergens in de komende weken voor I phone cover, greets James Little

  2. Salut,tu vend ça combien la ceinture ?

    1. Hey Cyrilu$,

      Thank you for your interest in my work.
      Belts are made on demand so it takes a little time.
      Please contact me by email for price ratings and further appointments.
      Sorry for the late reply!!
      greets Chico