maandag 30 december 2013

wallet update

This is the most recent version of my wallet...
Called: "the black and white"
It has 3 creditcard holders on the inside flap.(it seems that we all have more creditcards than money these days) 

The lacing on the outside is done with a cross pattern, so it matches the leather chain that I made for it.

I made a  personal snap button from a quarter dollar, I made it bulb in a press with a steel ball and filled it up with industrial glue, I think this is an original add, at least I never seen it before. 

Unfortunatly when I did some coloring after the lacingwork, I had some paint on my hand from opening the paintcanister.
It made some stains on the backside of the wallet...stupid but irreversible...

Not much stamping done here...that is for the next one...

donderdag 26 december 2013

New wallet!

New wallet for a friend!
Vegteable tanned leather, hand stitched and colored in deep brown to give it a used look.
Not to big but big enough to keep al your paperwork, creditcards and money...

FCB flyer 2014

zaterdag 14 december 2013

new buckles

found this cool buckles.
Twisted brass buckles that fits 40 mm wide belts. 
They aren't cheap, but they are worth every cent if you ask me!!
Limited edition of 22 pieces!!

handbag with diamond stitching

It's been a while since I posted new work.
Had some stuff to do that I have done before (and posted before).
This is a smooth handbag that I have done recently.
Thick chrome tanned calf leather,diamond stitching front and back.
The color of the leather is deep dark green.
Use your imagination and visualise your girlfriend with her bikerjacket and this isn't it?

woensdag 13 november 2013


Made this wallet out of pure vegetable tanned leather, even the lacing on the sides is made from the same leather hide!!
This is only a prototype, there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.

The lacing is done with a single loop,because I like the look of it's simplicity!
Two snaps to open and close, one on the outside with chief-head sculpture.
A regular one hide away on the inside...

Ofcours no machine was used to made this baby!!100% pure handwork.

This one is not stamped or carved.
I first did all the stitching and assembling techniques to see if my wallet came together in a decent way.
The next one will be the complete rimram: stamping, tooling, carving etc.
I keep you up-dated ...

woensdag 6 november 2013

This is a new wallet chain I made recently.
Braided leather mixed with a cord.(difficult to see in the pictures)
this one is already sold!!

dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

a new belt with mexican blanket

 This one goes to J. founder of the "Lodge" clothing store in Bruges.

Check out there neat store!!

new knife sheat

Made a new knife case this weekend.
These things get better and better...practicing always works!!
It wasn't an easy one, the shape off the folding knife goes from wide to small what makes it very difficult to fix the belt loop.
J.V.M are the customer's initials, very cool when his grandchild will receive this knife on his first scout-day!!

zondag 27 oktober 2013

Los Agujas tattooshop belts

I made two belts for the Los Agujas tattooshop.
Both are vegetable tanned leather, one belt is colored to give it an old look.(sorry I can't tell how I did it, secrets from the house haha)
Thanks to El cheapo for the pix!!

donderdag 17 oktober 2013

canvas / leather apron

You have 20 or 30 minutes free.
Nothing that should be done immediately, so you have some time to work on your ride....
You have an appointment in an hour so you don't have time to change clothes and you don't want to ruin that incredible japanese selvedge denim.

The solution, a canvas/leather apron.
Just throw the neckstrap over your head, snap the buttons on the side and you're ready to rock 'n roll!!

Heavy dark blue canvas that i waxed myself with an otterwax stick.(the wax protects the canvas a bit against oil, paint,dirt etc.)
Leather pocket on the chest and leather adjustable straps...
This one is very elementery but I can made one to your needs and feels...just send me a mail!!

La Luz belt

An other creation from La Luz!
A girlie belt to keep jeans where they should be.
The belt looks like vegetable tanned leather but in fact, it is chrome tanned leather so the color is more durable.
A brass buckle and punched (speed)holes.

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

my own knife

We al are busy...very busy, and so am I.
Mostly making things for other people, and I love that!!
But once in a while you have to do(make)something for yourself!!
I bought myself a folding knife a couple of months ago.
Not a very expensive one but good quality for a reasonable price.
The brand of the knife is homeij and its made in the Netherlands.
Knife is good, the bag(I dear not to call it sheat) that came with it is real shit!!
Now it was time to make a sheat, so i can put it in the pocket of my jeans.
I don't like it on my belt, but that is just personal
In fact I like it the way it is, sober but well shaped, it's perfect!!


woensdag 9 oktober 2013

key pouch

The owner of the "Los Agujas" tattoo shop asked me to make a key pouch.
So I did, vegetable tanned leather, stitched with my Adler cobblers sewing machine.
I also did some tatto-style lettering, carved by hand.

zondag 6 oktober 2013

El Cheapo

No new leatherwork today!

These days my thoughts go out to a dear friend from all of us!!

Get well soon bro!!


woensdag 2 oktober 2013

La Luz handbag

This blog is not only about me or my work.
My girlfriend is also active in leather and accessories and I think she makes very nice stuff to!!
For example this neat handbag she finished recently.
Heavy canvas with a mexican blanket pocket and tool leather handles.
The pocket can be closed with two button studs, the bag itself can be closed with a zipper!!
Get your girl a "one of" and contact me for this La Luz creation!!