dinsdag 10 februari 2015

chopper seats

Two bates styled chopper / bobber seats!!
Both in genuine leather.
The white one is for Stefan's sporty, the brown one is for one of my own motorsickles!!
Pics from the the bikes will follow soon...


Wallets, fresh from the workbench!!

Trucker size.

 1 inch shorter


Belts I did recently!!

The first picture is a cheap buckle that I sanded down with a scotch brite and added a button that I bought at the flea market.
I'm not sure yet but I think I'm going to ad some cobweb pinstriping in the corners...

Black nubuck with mexican serape inlays and rivets

Vegetable tanned leather with tooling and black dye.

wallet chain in leather

Wallet chain!!

Chevy coe truck

Some time ago, I worked together with Max Grundy on his latest built, a Chevy coe truck.
I did an insert for the seat and made two doorpanels with tooling theme from his artwork.
The truck was revealed at the Sema show in Las Vegas from 4 till 7 november 2014.

woensdag 27 augustus 2014


Hi all,
Due to the succes from the app "instagram", it's been to long that I posted updates from my leatherwork on this blog.
Here's a pictureset from work I did recently, so you will have a little update.
Thank you all for your patience and I promise, I will try to keep this blog alive and kicking!!

vrijdag 18 april 2014

for those I love I will sacrifice

A New belt with an old buckle!!
When I saw this old belt and buckle I was realy impressed.
This must be an old one, the belt was so dry it was half gone.
I made a new belt with the text the customer gave me...
The lettering is so detailed I think that more stamping would be "just to much"